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Friday, August 28, 2009

Final 4K Hike on Sunday, Aug 30, 2009

Plans for our grand finale do not include being struck by lightning or being blown off Moosilauke by 55 mph winds.

Therefore, we have changed the date of our finish from Saturday, Aug. 29 to Sunday, August 30.


  1. Good thinking!!! That was funny!

    West Lebanon

  2. Cool. Sheep and I may be able to make the rescheduled hike!

  3. Bill, great -- hope to see you there. Please check Rocks or VFTT for more details.

  4. I know you guys are now hours away! I wanted to share my current facebook status with you (Well trish not alex!! it has one or two swears):

    Douglas C Albanese Is listening to the rain, enjoying a glass of wine and thinking positive thoughts for "Trish and Alex" tomorrow as a 6 year old girl and her mom summit the last of the 48 4k'rs mountains in NH and think ahead to my 48 by 48 Goal!! I wish I had the DRIVE of a certain 6 year old KID!!! Go ALEX!!! Knowing you will never read this!! Fuck the pain fuck the rain drop your shoulder and GO!! You are an inspiration!! end

    I believe in you guys!!! and am so happy I found your blog I know have targets of my own back in my sight and both of you are the reason why~~~ Thank you soo much!! I AWAIT the trip report!! a SAFE hike to you BOTH

    Douglas Albanese
    West Lebanon NH

  5. Douglas, many thanks. We did finish the 48 today. There were many on Moosilauke wishing us well and helping me lug my youngest, Sage, up the mountain. It was a great hike.

    I'm incredibly tired and will have to wait and post the TR tomorrow, or the day after.

    Thanks again for your well-wishes and support.


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