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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Cast Is Off and the Future Is Bright

Time for the cast to come off! Alex is more than ready to see her leg again.

The good doctor at Children's Hospital in Boston explains the saw...

...then uses it.

Now off to get more x-rays, to see how things are healing...

We wait for the verdict. Alex is happy to have the cast off and she hopes she doesn't need another one.

Gore-Tex imprints...

Muscle atrophy...

The doctor comes in and give us good news. The fracture looks like it's completely healed. Alex will wear a brace for a few weeks while she rebuilds her strength. After a month, we can slowly get back into a normal routine. He predicts that two months from now, she'll be completely fine and ready for 4Ks. This is good news indeed, though I will be sure to take things slowly. We've a very big year ahead of us; I want to ease her back into hiking so she feels happy and strong for all that lies ahead. If the recovery process actually takes longer than a couple of months, then so be it. She needs a healthy leg! We'll treat it right.

On with the brace!

One happy camper.

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