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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mt. Jackson, Feb. 6, 2010, winter 4K #14

Webster-Jackson Trail.

5.2 miles.

Today we had the pleasure of once again hiking with Mirabela and his very cool daughter, Isidora. Mirabela and Isidora were heading up to Webster, and we were heading up to was nice to share the first leg of our journey with them.

The trails were completely packed out. Couldn't have asked for better footing.

The four of us made our way up at a steady pace...

...pausing only to eat, drink, and check out interesting ice formations.

We came to the fork in the intersection much faster than I had anticipated.

More eating and drinking, then Matt and Isidora headed off to ascend Webster, and Alex and I began our climb up Jackson.

A few tenths of a mile later, the Gray Jays arrived! Here's one about to carry off Alex.

Luckily, he couldn't lift my daughter...he settled for the cracker that had been placed on her head instead.

We gave a couple of treats to a few other feathered friends...

...before continuing on our way.

There were a few blowdowns on the trail. Here's one that formed a lovely little arch.

We were now close to the summit ledges...up we went...

....until we were at the top! Here's what we had just ascended.

Views from the top:

Alex decided to write in the snow...

Here's one of our feathered friends -- he had followed us up the trail.

Our descent was, as usual, fast and furious. Thankfully, Alex had lost all fear of using her sled. I allowed her to use it on the descent, but I insisted on hiking ahead of her so I could better ensure her safety. We made it down in half an hour or so.

We saw many wonderful people today! Jim Towle, DynamiteSR and his friend George, a couple of large AMC groups, Fred Shirley, Boo and MadHatter, and a number of couples and soloists. We enjoyed running into so many good-hearted hikers.

Afterward, Alex and I met up with Fred Shirley and a few of his friends, along with Mirabela and Isidora, at the Highland Center. Hugh and Sage drove over to join us. 'Twas a lovely hike followed by a lovely gathering...good times.

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