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Thursday, December 25, 2008

December -- attempted Moosilauke twice, haven't made it yet

Well, we've been at it this month, but weather conditions have made it difficult to summit.

We tried Moosilauke on December 6 and got 0.2 miles from the summit -- but then had to turn back due to high winds. We had a grand time that day, though. There was packed snow with a hard crust on it, and the Glencliff Trail resembled a hard, white sidewalk.

We planned to try again on December 20th, but an unforecasted foot of snow fell the night before....Alex isn't up to wading through snow yet (and she's still not quite used to snowshoes).

We will pick our days carefully this winter and keep trying....we may summit something over the next month or two, or we may need to wait until the spring. We shall see.

Hope to write again soon...

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