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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tecumseh (#1) -- June 7, 2008

Note: pictures on this trail were taken with a disposable camera, so please forgive the fuzziness.

Our first 4000 footer!

We all started out on this one -- myself, my husband, and both my two daughters. Alex and I are the only ones committed to doing all 48 peaks, but since this is the shortest of the 4000 footers, my husband wanted to give it a go as well. He ended up carrying Sage (our youngest, who is only 3) much of the way. I carried the pack with all our emergency gear, food, water and extra clothes. Alex and Sage each carried their own pack with even more extra clothes and emergency provisions -- they like having their own packs, and we like them carrying their own belongings just in case they ever become separated from us.

Our route was the Tecumseh Trail, from the Waterville Valley ski area, out and back. 5 miles total.

It started off well enough. The stream crossings were much fun for our two girls, and the grade was easy for the first leg of the trip. However, after the last stream crossing, the path became steep and steady. We took many breaks, and Alex never complained a bit. Sage however, even though she was being carried, began to proclaim that it was a "howwible, howwible day."

My husband graciously offered to sit with her and wait, so that Alex and I could continue without having to go at a snail's pace or listen to Sage's extremely unhappy proclamations.

Off the two of us went...

Turns out we were only half a mile from the top -- Alex and I reached the summit on our own about half an hour after we left my husband and Sage.

She was very proud to have made it, every step of the way on her own two feet (she understands those are the rules). She happily chatted up a nice hiker who was having lunch at the top, and drew a picture of the mountain.

We rested a bit, then we hiked back down. Sage and my husband were halfway to the trailhead when we caught up with them.

We sat with them for a while, then we all trudged out. Alex was very happy to have hiked her first 4000 footer, and she said she wanted to do another one soon. I was happy she felt this way, after all that slow trudging (because of her little sister in tow) with practically zero summit views for a reward.

We both felt proud and happy, and inspired to do more in the months and years to come.

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