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Monday, March 14, 2011

Recovery Hikes, March 2011

Hike One: Lincoln Woods Trail with brace, about a mile roundtrip.

Hike Two: Lincoln Woods Trail without brace, 2.8 miles roundtrip.

Hike Three: Pemi East Side Trail without brace, 5.2 miles roundtrip.

Alex is growing stronger with each passing day, so we've decided to start hiking again, using the Lincoln Woods Trail (LWT) as our initial recovery path. Though many 4K hikers loathe this trail due to its flat and straight nature, we find it ideal because of...well, its flat and straight nature. It might be a horrible, monotonous trail at the end of the 18 mile Owls' Head hike, but it's a pretty, scenic trail for those amblers just trying to walk a few tame miles. Plus, we enjoy the sights and sounds of the Pemigewasset River.

Hike One: LWT, about a mile.

Sage, Max (our border terrier puppy) and I accompanied Alex on her first hike since fracturing her tibia on January 26th. Alex had a crutch and her brace for this one.

Before setting foot on the trail, Alex used her crutch to clear a parking space of ice. Once she was satisfied with her work, we made our way across the suspension bridge and began our slow progress along the LWT.

Sometimes Alex used her crutch, other times she chose to walk without it. The four of us took our time and walked about half a mile before stopping to rest.

Max was his usual hyper-puppy self...

...Alex managed to get a picture of him sitting still.

A couple pictures of the girls at rest...

Alex was happy to get back into the woods, though when we got back to the car, she said she felt silly for being so tired. I assured her that injuries take time to heal, and that she'd fully regain her strength when the time was right, no worries.

Hike Two: LWT, 2.8 miles.

Three days later, Alex and I were at it again (Sage was with Hugh). This time around, Alex left the brace and crutch at home, declaring them to be more of a hindrance than a help.

Alex wrote on a railing before we began. I don't know when she'll grow out of doing things like this...I hope I have at least another year before she stops making these kinds of signs.

Off we went...

The sights and sounds of the Pemi River were lovely, as usual.

Alex took this photo of the branches in the sky.

Alex's steps were strong, she hiked without limp or complaint, and her pace was almost normal. However, she was ready to rest when we arrived at the Osseo Trail (1.4 miles in).

We watched Max chew on some sticks for a while, then we turned and made our way back to the car.

Hike Three: Pemi East Side Trail, 5.2 miles roundtrip.

Alex spent the week after Hike Two walking normally and running around with friends, so I figured she was ready for more mileage. This time around, we chose the Pemi East Side Trail, a relatively flat trail that runs parallel to LWT on the east side of the Pemi River.

This stroll felt like a run-of-the-mill walk with the girls. There was no limping, no slow paces, no fatigue.

We stopped once we got to the campsite (2.6 miles in).

After about ten minutes of food and rest, we turned and headed back. Both girls did a bit of running and sliding on the snow, and at the end of our hike, Alex said she wasn't tired at all.

I think we're ready to add some elevation. All looks well, everything is going smoothly.

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