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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alex's Little Sister Now Following Suit

A couple of weeks ago, five year old Sage officially threw her hat into the 4K ring. In addition to supporting Alex's continuing adventures, I'm now facilitating Sage's goal of hiking all 48 of New Hampshire's highest mountains. To date, Sage has seven 4Ks under her belt. Tomorrow will probably bring number eight.

Sage is more laid back than her big sister, so I've no idea how often she'll choose to hike. I do know that she's heavily influenced by Alex and seems to enjoy being out there as much as Alex does.

You can follow Sage's pursuit of the NH48 on her hiking blog,


  1. This is great! Do you have additional tips to get kids outdoors and doing even challenging activities like peakbagging?

  2. Hi Wilderness,

    If you want to get kids outside, my number one advice would be to either throw out the television or severely restrict the amount of time they spend in front of it. Same goes for computer/video games, Wii, and most other forms of electronic entertainment. I think a lot of kids become addicted to passive entertainment, and then they lose the desire to get out there and explore.

    As for more challenging activities...find something they like to do outside (hiking, swimming, skiing, etc.) and support their endeavors. Suggest things calmly, but with no pressure or hint of expectation. Let them agree to what pleases them and disagree with the rest. If they're outside enough, sooner or later they'll discover an activity that really floats their boat...allow them to run with it, whatever it may be.

    Keep in mind I am not a psychologist or any kind of child development expert. :o)

    Have fun out there!


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